Getting e-amusement Cards from Konasute Song Pack Campaigns

For promotions that give you e-amusement cards when buying packs for the PC port

Getting e-amusement Cards from Konasute Song Pack Campaigns

When song pack 15 was released for the Konasute PC port of SOUND VOLTEX, there was an e-amusement card campaign that allowed anyone who purchased the pack to receive a "666" e-amusement card. Now a similar e-amusement card campaign is happening for song pack 17, allowing players to get cards for both "XHRONOXAPSULΞ" and "MixxioN" at once.

Since similar campaigns might happen again in the future, I figured a post might be useful since people may have concerns about how to obtain the cards from outside of Japan.

This post assumes you've set up and are already playing the Konasute PC port of SOUND VOLTEX. If you have not yet done so, here is a setup guide that might help.

Step 1: Ensure you have a Japanese address in My KONAMI

See this guide for updating your address in My KONAMI. Note that it needs to be a Japanese address since the campaign only ships within Japan – if you don't have a friend who can help, you may need to use a proxy service like tenso (guide here).

Step 2: Purchase the song pack in question

Purchase the song pack that's part of the campaign from the store here. This should be doable even if you're not subscribed to Konasute for the month.

Step 3: Apply to the campaign on the campaign site

Each card campaign has its own campaign site which needs to be agreed to or else the cards won't be shipped. For song pack 17, the site was here.

  • Click "キャンペーンにエントリーする" to enter into the campaign.
  • Click the checkbox then "エントリーする" to agree to the listed terms (e.g. can only enter once per player, ships to Japan only, card design can change, specifies a shipment date, and more).
  • You should then land on this page, which tells you that you've entered into the campaign. The buttons take you to My KONAMI and the top of the campaign site respectively.
  • If you go back to the top of the campaign site, it should now say "キャンペーンにエントリー済みです" which means you've already entered into the campaign.

After that it's just waiting for the shipment to happen.