Entering a Japanese Address into My KONAMI

How to update your address in My KONAMI

Some KONAMI campaigns allow you to receive physical items (e.g. e-amusement passes), but only ship to recipients that have a Japanese address. This is a quick guide for setting up your My KONAMI page with a Japanese address.

If you currently live in Japan or know a friend who does, that address should suffice. Otherwise, you might need to use a proxy shopping service like tenso which gives you a Japanese address to use (guide here).

Once you have a Japanese address to use, here's how to update My KONAMI:

  • Go to My KONAMI.
  • In the header, click "KONAMI ID", then "登録情報の照会・修正".
  • Click "ご本人確認情報" at the bottom.

You should end up on a page like so:

The fields are as follows:

Field (JP) Field (EN) Example Entry
Last Name Loire
First Name Chateau
セイ(全角) Last Name in kana (full-width characters) ロワーレ
メイ(全角) First Name in kana (full-width characters) シャトー
郵便番号 Postal Code 1200023
都道府県 Japanese Prefecture 東京都
市区町村 Ward / District / Village / etc. 足立区
町名、番地等 Street / Address / etc. 千住曙町42-4
建物名(オプション) Building Name (optional) TS123456 転送コム
電話番号 Phone Number 0357393341

If you're using a proxy shopping service, make sure you include your identifying number somewhere (e.g. TS number for tenso) so that the service can tell the package is yours. In the example above we've put it in the "Building Name" field.

You should be able to get your name in kana by looking up "[your name] in kana" or throwing your name into an online translator. It shouldn't matter if this part is slightly off, as long as you get it to accept your input.