BPL Pro Player Supporters -SEASON 2-

How to obtain rewards from this BEMANI PRO LEAGUE-related event

BPL Pro Player Supporters -SEASON 2-

BPLプロ選手サポーターズ -SEASON 2-(BPL Pro Player Supporters -SEASON 2-)is an event from 2023-02-09 to 2023-03-09 in association with the second season of BEMANI PRO LEAGUE, Konami's e-sports BEMANI tournament.

In this event, playing the game earns tickets which can be submitted towards your favourite BPL players for rewards.

Earning Tickets

Support tickets can be earned in the following ways:

Option Tickets Earned Valk only?
Play on a Valkyrie model cabinet 3
Play at an arcade affiliated with a BPL team (Japan-only) * 2
Play a BPL SELECTION song † 2

* There's a long list of eligible arcades at the bottom of the site.
† This is only applied once per song per week, and is the only option that's not endlessly repeatable.

The number of tickets earned shows up at the end of the credit like so:

Here we earn 6 tickets this credit, bringing the total up to 14

You can check a history of tickets earned from the site here.

The BPL SELECTION songs are the songs that were played during the most recent week's BPL stream. The songs are conveniently collected in the "Current Events" folder, which makes them easy to find. There's also an ongoing event where playing any of these songs gives a bonus of 39 PCB.


Support ranks and rewards are as follows. Note that there's rewards for both player totals and team totals.

Rank Player count Player reward
C 0 -
B 30 1000 PCB
A 50 BPL Pro Player Card A (Card Connect)
AA 100 5000 PCB
AAA 150 10000 PCB
S 200 BPL Pro Player Card B (Card Connect)
Rank Team count Team reward
C 0 -
B 90 Team appeal title
A 150 -
AA 300 Team supporter effects
AAA 450 -
S 600 Team design e-amusement pass lottery (500 per team)

Details about specific rewards are below. If you just want to know how to earn rewards, skip down to Submitting Tickets to Players.

Team Appeal Title (Team, Rank B)

The titles that can be earned are all slogans for each BPL team.

Team Title Translation
APINA VRAMeS 見据えるビジョンは勝利への道 The vision that focuses ahead is the path to victory
GiGO Get into the Gaming Oasis -
GAME PANIC 世界に轟く稲妻の闘士 The lightning warrior that roars at the world
SILK HAT マジカル・ミラクル・イリュージョン! Magical miracle illusion!
SUPERNOVA Tohoku 東北に煌めく超新星 Supernova shining in the northeast (Tohoku)
TAITO STATION Tradz The Party Rockers are here to beat. -
ROUND1 赫き力で頂点を目指す Aiming for the top with brilliant power
LEISURELAND 挑む頂点の星 笑顔の奥に燃える闘志 The star challenging at the apex, the fighting spirit that burns behind the smile

BPL Pro Player Cards (Player, Ranks A and S)

These are two designs of cards that are printed via the Card Connect machine. Unfortunately, Card Connect is pretty much Japan-only at this point in time.

See the site if you're curious what the designs look like.

Team Supporter Effects (Team, Rank AA)

This is an in-game effect that appears in the matching screen for ARENA and MEGAMIX BATTLE modes. As your profile enters there will be a "Supporter" background corresponding to the supported team's colour, and once your profile appears the team will be at the top left, like so:

Team Design e-Amusement Passes (Team, Rank S)

Once you reach Support Rank S, you're eligible for an e-amusement pass lottery of 500 passes per team. Applying to the lottery is done on this special page.

Note that, as with all physical merch, shipping goes to the address associated with your KONAMI ID, which must be in Japan to be eligible for the lottery. See this guide if you have not yet done so.

Submitting Tickets to Players

To earn rewards in this event, submit tickets to a player like so:

You should see a page like this. Here you can select how many tickets to submit towards the player, then press "応援する" to submit the tickets to support them.

There's also a "次のランクまでまとめて応援する" button, which conveniently submits the necessary tickets until the next support rank.

A ranking page here shows the players who have received the most tickets so far.

Do note that there is a maximum storage limit of 9999 tickets. It's unlikely you'll hit this limit, but in any case be sure to use up your tickets!