VOLFES: Earning LIVE ENERGY and Performing Daily Missions

Guide to the VOLFES events that happened in SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE.

VOLFES: Earning LIVE ENERGY and Performing Daily Missions

Last updated for Summer 2020 (Jun-Aug) VOLFES.

VOLFES is an event in SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE where you earn LIVE ENERGY (LE) which can be spent to purchase crew, appeal cards, tracks for AUTOMATION PARADISE and more.

LE can be earned from:

  • Daily bonus (500 LE on login)
  • Different start options (LIGHT = 100 LE, STANDARD = 200 LE, BLASTER = 400 LE, PREMIUM TIME = 500 LE, PARADISE = 1000 LE)
  • Playing songs (track bonus = 10 LE, mix track bonus = 30 LE)
  • Other players interacting with your AUTOMATION PARADISE mix (get played = 20 LE, get liked = 50 LE)
  • Rolling genesis card gacha (100 LE per card)
  • Rolling Card Connect gacha or printing a card (100 LE per card)
  • Performing daily missions (see below)

In short, just keep playing and you'll keep earning LE to spend, but to be more efficient you can try playing PARADISE START or performing daily missions.

LE is spent from the LIVE STATION option of the MY ROOM menu. The very top option in LIVE STATION is for exiting once you're done purchasing.

Daily Missions

The daily missions each give 200 LE, except the "Complete all other missions" mission which gives 1000 LE. The missions pop up at the start and end of each credit.

Each mission will have a count next to it specifying how many times you have to perform the task to earn the LE.

The following missions are always present:

  • ジャンル「...」の楽曲をクリアする: Clear a song in genre [genre name]
    • The easiest way to do this is to the ジャンルから探す (search by genre) folder when selecting a song.
  • 「...」を含むMIX楽曲をクリアする: Clear an AUTOMATION PARADISE mix containing song [song name]
    • Check the #SDVX_MIXID tag on Twitter, as there'll usually be people posting MIXIDs for mixes containing the daily song. You can then go to the AUTOMATION PARADISE folder then ID INPUT to enter this 12-digit MIXID (you don't need PARADISE START for this, e.g. STANDARD START is sufficient).
  • 「...」をクリアする: Clear the song [song name]
  • ミッションをすべて達成する: Clear all other missions

The remaining missions are randomly chosen. Here are translations for some of the missions that have appeared in the past:

  • 楽曲をクリアする: Clear a song
  • MIX楽曲をクリアする: Clear an AUTOMATION PARADISE mix
  • ハイスコアを更新する: Get a new high score
  • スコアグレード[...]でクリアする: Clear a song with [score grade, e.g. S or AAA]
  • [ERROR/NEAR][...]以下でクリアする: Clear a song with less than [count] [ERROR/NEAR]
  • 楽曲を[...]でクリアする: Clear a song with at least [medal, e.g. excessive/UC/PUC]
  • スキルアナライザーのコースをクリアする: Clear a SKILL ANALYZER course
  • 楽曲プレー中に画面を回転させる: Spin during a song (from laser slams)
  • [MIRROR and/or RANDOM] OPTIONをつけてクリアする: Clear a song using [MIRROR and/or RANDOM option]
  • EXTRACKを出現させる: Hit EXTRACK (extra stage from either filling up the BLASTER ENERGY gauge or using BLASTER START)
  • MIX楽曲を作成する: Make an AUTOMATION PARADISE mix (needs PARADISE START)
  • 他のプレーヤーが作成したMIX楽曲をクリアする: Clear an AUTOMATION PARADISE mix created by another player
  • マッチングする: Perform online matching