How the MEGAMIX BATTLE system introduced in SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR works.


Note: The following information is from the location test in September 2020. Details will be updated when the new game version is released.

MEGAMIX BATTLE is a mode introduced in SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR, allowing two local matching players to battle each other via scores on one long AUTOMATION PARADISE mix.

Basic flow

  • Both players enter the battle via MEGAMIX START. If matching fails, then you'll default to the single-player EXCEED START instead.
  • At the start, players pick 5 songs and their respective difficulties to be used in the mix.
  • Each song is one turn, and the player with the higher score for that turn will earn 1★. In the event of a tie, both players get 1★.
  • There will be a total of 12 turns, and the player with the most ★'s at the end will win the battle.
    • Turns alternate between players for most if not all of the battle.
    • 12 turns means that one song will be played twice per player.

Touch panel mechanics

  • It is possible to choose your next song to be played by pressing the song's jacket on the touch panel.
    • If you don't choose, one will be automatically selected for you. This appears to just be the next song in the queue.
    • Unfortunately the time window during which you can select a song is between the start and halfway through your opponent's song, so it can be hard to have time to hit the touch panel.
  • The touch panel also has a button at the bottom for activating a once-per-battle EXCEED GEAR skill, which works like so:
    • The EXCEED GEAR button can be pressed during your opponent's song or the short break between songs. There's a countdown timer that appears when the skill is available to be used.
    • Your next selected song will have S-CRITICAL judgement enabled for both players.
    • If you have the higher score after your next song, you get 3★'s instead of 1. If your opponent wins instead, they'll only get 1★ per normal.

Location test videos

Gameplay (from start to results screen):

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