The Big List of Jack Charts

Notable or recommended charts featuring jackhammer patterns that feature repeated button presses.

Last updated: Aug 2020

In rhythm games, "jacks" (jackhammers, or 縦連 in Japanese) are patterns where multiple consecutive notes are on the same input button(s). In some cases it may be possible to alternate both hands on the same button, while in other cases the chart may force you to use one hand.

This post is a list of recommended or notable charts that include either one-button jacks or chord jacks, sorted by notes per second per hand. Some variations on jacks are also included.


Notes per second: 4.37 per hand (8.73 total)
Jack BPM: 131
Links: YouTube (DDX),

FIRE IN MY HEART has a long 64-press BT-D jack near the beginning of the song. The BPM is fairly low so it's a good place for practicing two-handed jacks, and it's even slow enough that you can also take the jack one-handed with relative ease.

SAtAN (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 5 per hand (10 total)
Jack BPM: 300
Links: YouTube (DDX),

SAtAN has players alternating between two different patterns sharing the same button, which can catch players off-guard on sight read. The BPM may be high, but as a two-handed jack it actually isn't that fast compared to other charts.


Notes per second: 5.1 per hand (10.2 total)
Jack BPM: 153

MXM 18

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Here we have Oniyuri's infamous "+ junk" jacks. Unlike SAtAN the extra note comes every 4 presses, meaning that one hand needs to continuously switch between two different combinations, which is trickier.

EXH 16

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Oniyuri EXH's chart does not include the additional junk, and can be useful for practicing before trying the MXM.

Bioslaves (MXM 17)

Notes per second: 5.33 per hand (10.67 total)
Jack BPM: 160
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Coming from kamuy noko, Bioslaves' entire chart is full of individual 2-5 press jacks on both FX and BT buttons, plus a 13-press FX-R jack towards the end. Taking the relatively low BPM into account, this is a particularly good chart for practicing jacks.

Opium and purple haze (EXH 17)

Notes per second: 5.5 per hand (11 total)
Jack BPM: 165
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Unlike its knob-oriented GRV chart, Opium and purple haze's EXH chart is buttons-oriented and features a number of 4-press jacks throughout the chart, including the infamous section above.


Notes per second: 5.57 per hand (11.13 total)
Jack BPM: 167
Links: YouTube (DDX),

CODE-CRiMSON-'s short jacks are slightly too fast to one-hand for most players, necessitating the use of two hands, though this is complicated by the stairs leading in or out of the jacks.

び (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 5.63 per hand (11.27 total)
Jack BPM: 169
Links: YouTube (DDX),

び MXM features an infamous 115-press BT-B jack, which as of writing is the longest jack in the game. The jack is also near the end of the song, so failing it can be devastating – take care not to drift too far! Some players also find the section after the jack to be the hardest part of the chart, so take care not to let your guard down once the jack is over. The chart also has an abundance of 2-press jacks which can be tricky to time.

魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました (GRV 18)

Notes per second: 5.67 per hand (11.33 total)
Jack BPM: 170
Links: YouTube (DDX),

It's the cross-hand knobs part two sections afterwards that's the most notable part of this chart, but Marisa Stole the Precious Thing does include a fairly long BT-C jack.

のぼれ八坂坂!(MXM 18)

Notes per second: 5.67 per hand (11.33 total)
Jack BPM: 170
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Nobore features an abundance of triple jacks, as well as some alternating cigarette presses.

おはようからおやすみまでかまってポメポメ (VVD 18)

Notes per second: 5.9 per hand (11.8 total)
Jack BPM: 177
Links: YouTube (SDVX譜面保管所V)

Originating from the PC port of SDVX, this is another 立秋 feat.ちょこ song like び, featuring both short 2-press jacks that follow the lyrics as well as several longer one-button jacks.

ツマミ戦隊 タテレンジャー (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 6.33 per hand (12.67 total)
Jack BPM: 190
Links: YouTube (DDX),

True to its name, Tateranger contains jacks in groups of 5, at the somewhat fast BPM of 190. The rest of the chart is quite difficult too, especially the middle gimmick section, putting this chart in the upper tier out of the 18s.

Black Emperor (GRV 19)

Notes per second: 6.33 per hand (12.67 total)
Jack BPM: 190
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Here is Black Emperor's infamous slowdown, which makes timing the start of the jack tricky. If you're having trouble with the slowdown, counting to 6-and-a-bit from the start of the slowdown (since 190/30 ~ 6.33) might help. As you can see this is not a pure jack, since the right hand needs to alternate between C and B.

croiX (INF 18)

Notes per second: 6.5 per hand (13 total)
Jack BPM: 195
Links: YouTube (DDX),

croiX INF has two sets of the same BT-C jack... while holding FX-R. The BPM does not help make this section any easier.

This section is a more difficult version of croiX EXH's 8-press BT-D jacks, which are placed two bars earlier.


Notes per second: 6.7 per hand (13.4 total)
Jack BPM: 201

EXH 18

Links: YouTube (DDX),

This is the Chouetsu section of Empress Medley, which is much faster than the original song (178 BPM).

MXM 19

Links: YouTube (DDX),

For the MXM, the part to highlight here is the BC jack up the top left, which is almost impossible to one-hand. Many players split up their hands so that one presses the buttons from above while the other presses from below.

Gamerz FestivaL (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 6.93 per hand (13.87 total)
Jack BPM: 208
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Gamerz FestivaL has three medium-length one-button jacks throughout the song. All three of them feature preceding FX holds, with the first set (above) having both FX, the second set having FX-L only and the third set having FX-R only.

Elemental Creation (MXM 19)

Notes per second: 7.07 per hand (14.13 total)
Jack BPM: 212
Links: YouTube (DDX),

These are Elemental Creation's jacks in the build-up towards the last section. They're not particularly long, but the knobs in between can make things tricky.

Re:Elemental Creation (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 7.07 per hand (14.13 total)
Jack BPM: 212
Links: YouTube (DDX),

The start of Re:Elemental Creation (not pictured) is somewhat similar to the Elemental Creation section above. What's pictured here is another jack section at the very end of the song.

Note that Re:Elemental Creation, Elemental Creation and Re:End of a Dream all have the same BPM of 212.


Notes per second: 7.33 per hand (14.67 total)
Jack BPM: 220
Links: YouTube (DDX),

This jack is similar to that of Opium and purple haze, but it's made harder by both the faster BPM and the fact that you're reading at half scroll speed.

Invitation from Mr.C (EXH 18)

Notes per second: 7.67
Jack BPM: 230
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Mr. C has a number of one-handed jacks, interspersed with laser slams.

消失 (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 8
Jack BPM: 240
Links: YouTube (DDX),

The lengths of these chord jacks plus the fact that they're at the end of the song can make them quite tiring, but thankfully the speed isn't as fast as you might otherwise think.

色を喪った街 (MXM 19)

Notes per second: 8.3 per hand (16.6 total)
Jack BPM: 166
Links: YouTube (DDX),

While croiX makes you press BT buttons while holding FX, Iro wo Ushinatta Machi has these "toothbrush" patterns where you press FX while holding BT.

Venomous Firefly (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 8.8
Jack BPM: 264
Links: YouTube (DDX),

These Venomous jacks are short, but it's very easy to lose concentration and reach for the wrong knob. If you're having trouble, keeping in mind that the knob in between the jacks is VOL-R for the first set and VOL-L for the second set may help.

VVelcome!! (MXM 20)

Notes per second: 8.83
Jack BPM: 265
Links: YouTube (HCl),

As a 20 this is a relatively simpler part of the chart, but it's worth noting since these sorts of chord jacks are rare.

Joyeuse (VVD 18)

Notes per second: 9.13
Jack BPM: 274
Links: YouTube (DDX),

A wild chart on the whole, Joyeuse VVD features one-handed FX triple jacks, made harder by the jumps to the opposite side afterwards.

セイクリッド ルイン (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 9.3
Jack BPM: 186
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Although Sacred Ruin is sorted here as "one-hand" (largely due to the BC ending), the positioning of the jacks is such that if you start with your right hand you can press the jacks using alternating hands with relatively ease.

iLLness LiLin (MXM 20)

Notes per second: 9.33
Jack BPM: 280
Links: YouTube (DDX),

iLLness is a power chart and features many short bursts of chord jacks that, in combination with some short two-hand trills in between, can be fairly stamina-draining.


Notes per second: 9.65
Jack BPM: 193

MXM 18

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Unlike FIRE IN MY HEART, Curiosity's BT-D jack has to be taken one-handed due to the moving left laser.

EXH 15

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Curiosity's EXH chart does not force you to use one hand, though instead it splits up the jacks into groups of three. You can try alternating hands starting from your left hand, but if you do so then be careful when you transition from the 5th to the 6th triplet.


Notes per second: 9.85 per hand (19.7 total)
Jack BPM: 197

EXH 18

Links: YouTube (DDX),

It's a very short section, but it's hard not to bring up INF-B's infamous 6-press jack, one of the fastest two-hand jacks in the game. The fact that there's also knobs before and after the jack makes this section particularly tricky.

VVD 19

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Not only did the VVD chart insert the infamous 6-press jack at the very beginning of the chart (not pictured), the jack at the same location was extended to 12 notes.

Ha・lle・lu・jah (EXH 13)

Notes per second: 10
Jack BPM: 150
Links: YouTube (DDX),

As a BOOTH chart, Ha・lle・lu・jah EXH is notable for its multiple chord jacks that follow the lyrics. The rest of the chart is fairly simple, so this can be a good chart to practice accuracy on if you're starting to get into harder charts.

ウエンレラの氷華 (GRV 17)

Notes per second: 10
Jack BPM: 200
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Wenrella features two sorts of jacks which are doable with two-hands but are comparatively tricky to do so. Using one hand is also an option, so this could be a chart where you can experiment with both options.

Ganymede kamome mix

Notes per second: 10
Jack BPM: 200

EXH 17

Links: YouTube (DDX),

A BOOTH chart, Ganymede EXH was known for its ABCD chord jack section, one of which is 10 presses long.

INF 19

Links: YouTube (DDX),

Ganymede INF also has ABCD jacks, plus some FX-L+FX-R jacks, one of which must be taken one-handed.

Cloud 9 (MXM 18)

Notes per second: 10.2
Jack BPM: 153
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Cloud 9 has a somewhat fast one-hand triple jacks section interspersed with slams on the other hand.


Notes per second: 10.35
Jack BPM: 207
Links: YouTube (DDX),

The Tenkaichi medley takes the chord jacks from both GERBERA (MXM 18) and GERBERA -for finalists- (MXM 19) and adds 2 BPM.

Dyscontrolled Galaxy (MXM 19)

Notes per second: 10.73
Jack BPM: 161
Links: YouTube (CORBY.QS),

Ah Dyscon, everyone's favourite. The problem here, of course, is the presence of 32nd notes on the other hand, so the jack parts here pretty much have to be taken one-handed, especially the chords up top. With that in mind, this jack speed is one of the fastest in the game, contributing to the chart's notorious reputation.


Notes per second: 11.1
Jack BPM: 666
Links: YouTube (MINI),

When it comes to 666, the ending A+B+L and C+D+R jacks certainly stand out. However as far as jack speed goes, there's an earlier section in the chart that's very difficult to take two-handed, making it one of the fastest one-handed jack sections in the game.

Additionally, 666 EXH's ending jack is entirely on one FX button, and 666 ADV's ending alternates between two buttons on one side, both of which can be useful for practicing two-handed jacks.

月光乱舞 (GRV 19)

Notes per second: 12.4
Jack BPM: 186
Links: YouTube (DDX),

Gekkou Ranbu's jack section is actually quite fast, but fortunately they're just 2 presses each. The EXH chart is similar and has more jacks, but they're simpler.