Effect Radar

About the hexagonal chart that summarises a song's attributes

The Effect Radar is a new feature added in the 2nd season of SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR which helps give players a general idea what type of chart a given chart is. It takes the shape of a hexagonal radar chart, and is similar to the Groove Radar from the DanceDanceRevolution series and the NOTES RADAR from  the beatmania IIDX series.

The six attributes plotted on the Effect Radar are:

  • NOTES: How many notes there are relative to the length of the song.
  • PEAK: The peak density of notes in the chart.
  • TSUMAMI: What proportion of the chart's length is spent manipulating knobs/lasers. The word tsumami / つまみ means knobs.
  • ONE-HAND: How many notes need to be hit one-handed.
  • HAND-TRIP: How many notes need to be hit on the other side of the controller (e.g. BT-C/BT-D/FX-R/VOL-R for left hand). The name comes from 出張 = business trip, the Japanese term for cross-handed/one-sided charts.
  • TRICKY: Catch-all attribute that covers speed changes (soflan), camera angle changes, spins, difficulty of jacks.